August 28, 2020

Caravan Club Update

Dear Caravanners,

These are undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging times for us all on so many fronts.. After absorbing a barrage of information (and misinformation) it is now patently clear that here at our much loved Caravan we have no option but to suspend operations indefinitely. Sadly this will take effect immediately.

The current health crisis we all face is much too dire to entertain any procrastination.The well being of you our wonderfully loyal punters, the cherished musicians who we all adore and the broader community is of paramount importance. We are acutely aware of the financial knife edge many artists survive on, in addition to the sometimes monumental emotional and physical energy invested in getting shows off the ground, and we hate cancelling shows. Therefore we are attempting to reschedule shows for much later in the year when hopefully the worst is behind us. This is a tedious process so please bear with us while we sort alternative dates.

Most of the international shows like Cedric Burnside which was supposed to have happened last night are unsalvageable and it'll be a "wait and see" situation re any future tours. With regard to ticket purchases, rest assured we will be refunding all ticket monies over the next few day so please be patient.

In these uncertain circumstances it is unclear whether the Caravan Club can survive or not - like everything, it's the unknown. Presenting music is a high risk low profit business at the very best of times, so for us to survive a hit like this would be truly miraculous. Hopefully the Federal and State Governments will have an epiphany and recognise the importance of harnessing the unique and creative talents in this great music town, to nourish and mend the wounded soul of our country. The musical community of Melbourne are resourceful survivors and with their backs up against the wall I have no doubt they will discover new ways of performing and getting music out to a culturally starved community.  

Anyway in the unfortunate event we don't surface on the other side I would like to thank all you Caravan devotees....both musicians & audiences for your sustained loyal support over such a long time...13 years is a long time to get away with this live music venue racket!
Of course it all wouldn't have been possible with out fabulous professional staff who regularly protected the public from Mr Grumpy. If I have one gift it is getting fantastic people around me.. I am truly the only dud in the organisation. I've gotta give a special mention to my wonderful sister Sue who has been there right from the start and is bearing the brunt of the extreme turbulence we are currently experiencing

We'll be riding the tide bunkered down at Archies Creek monitoring how it all plays out, but rest assured we have every intention of continuing on the other side...when ever that might be!

''They Caught The Last Train For The Coast
The Day The Music Died'  Don McLean

Cheerio For Now