1 Victor Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

Livingstone Daisies "CD Launch"

Featuring Van Walker (Vox, Guitar, Scotch & Coke), Liz Stringer, (Vox, Guitar, Scotch & Dry), Michael Barlcay (Vox, Drums, Cheap Red), & Cal Walker (Vox, Bass, Expensive Port). The guys teamed up through their mutual love of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub. With special guest: LARGE NUMBER12’S.


In January 2011 Van Walker cooked up another hair-brained scheme to get a bunch of musicians together in a far away location, fill them with alcohol & barbeque & cajole them into breathing life into a bunch of his dormant ditties.

Having tried this ‘hair-down/brained’ technique before in 2009 with Greetings From Penguin Tasmania & being relatively happy with the results, he managed to convince a bunch of like-minded Petty Fans (Cal not included) & Fanny fiends (Cal included) that they should try to out-petty Tom with some of Van’s more pop/rock material.

A beach-house shack in Inverloch, Victoria was generously offered as the arena in which this sheenaniwannies would take place. Van borrowed $100 from his local publican for petrol and the skeleton crew drove down the coast and in 4 days recorded 16 songs, along with the Pymbole Wizard himself behind the controls, Stevie Ray Fraser. (Little Gold Studios)

Along the way they found a joint love of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub & Chris Bailey’s Saints (particularly the Paraletic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow/Monkey Puzzle e.p) and in the aftermath, were so fond of the experience, decided to form a band and play some live shows.

With double sets needed for some gigs, another ten songs were written & recorded at a 2nd session at the Inveloch shack (in December 2011) which is released Feb 2013, under the title, Don’t Know What Happiness Is (That’s why I’m Happy)


LIVINGSTONE DAISIES 1.n. Bot. Attractive flowers that come out when the sun shines. 2. n. Attractive knockers that come out when the sun shines, causing taxi drivers to mount the pavement, milkmen to fall down manholes & straw-hatted vicars to ride their bicycles into fruit barrows. (Viz Profanisauras)

Friday 22 March
Doors open at 8pm (Music starts 8.40pm)
Price: Reserved Seats- $25+bf, General Admission- $18+bf
$20 at the door