1 Victor Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165


(In The Winnebago Room- Bistro Area) Featuring BRIAN NANKERVIS (RockWiz) who will reprise a bit of Raymond J for old times sake. NOT TO BE MISSED! TICKETS ARE NOW $10ea. People who have paid full reserved seating prices will be refunded the difference. Those who book online will get a reserved seat. Seating for Tickets at the door is on a first come, first served basis .

OK, so the Guitar Method weren’t quite up to filling the large auditorium that is the cavernous expanse of Caravan Club.
So what do we do?
Open another venue.
The Winnebago Lounge opens this Saturday Night November 17th at the Oakleigh RSL.
Suzannah Espie and Sarah Carroll played at Tim Chimelewski’s Photo Exhibition launch in the dining room at the Caravan Club. All that night JVG was in Peter Foley’s ear insisting that he put gigs on in there. Suzannah and Sarah sounded fabulous that night. Close up and intimate.
A bands sounds best through a vocal PA in a small room.
This room is the perfect fit for the Guitar Method. BRIAN NANKERVIS will still be their special guest for the night. Brian is an excitable fellow. And he is trembling with excitement at the thought of being a part of the opening night of a venue that will be Oakleigh’s answer to CBGBs..

The first Caravan Music Club Grand Final Eve Pie Night happened in 2007 at the Oakleigh Bowling Club before the Caravan Music Club existed, before the JVG Guitar Method existed. It was the night the Caravan Music Club became Eve and the Guitar Method became Adam.

The Oakleigh Bowling Club was where the apple was eaten. It was where it all began. And the JVG Radio Method on RRR on Sunday afternoons became the Caravan’s Garden of Eden.

The Caravan Music Club has gone forth and multiplied. The JVG Methods: Radio and Guitar, have gone from strength to strength in biblical proportions.

The JVG Radio Method has hosted so many Caravan acts over the years. The radio show and the music club are joined at the hip.

The JVG Guitar Method has been the driving force behind the Caravan’s two greatest institutions – The Grand Final Eve Pie Night and Stopping all Stations Except East Richmond.

All the members of the Guitar Method are caravan staples –

JVG is Jon von Goes (RRR)

Mark Ferrie (RocKwiz Orkestra, the Models, The Slaughtermen…….)

Ash Davies (Matt Walker, Lisa Miller, The Dingoes………)

Dale Lidrea (Tracy Miller, Andy Baylor……)

The JVG Guitar Method’s first headline show at the Caravan is as overdue as Jon’s daughter’s library books.

Joining the Guitar Method on the night will be Brian Nankervis in performance art spoken word poet mode. Brian exposes his artistic self in such a manner very infrequently.

Saturday 17 November
Doors open at 8pm (Music starts 8.40pm)
Price: ALL TICKETS $10 - All pre-booked tickets are reserved seats!
Tickets at the door - first come, first served seating