1 Victor Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

Graveyard Train

Special Guests RON PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS Horror and country music go together like peas and carrots - it just took Graveyard Train to show us. Utilising old timey instruments (banjos, dobros, washboard) with the unorthodox percussion of hammer & chain, all underneath a six part baritone have created a unique sound... PROUDLY PRESENTED BY CARNIVAL OF SUBURBIA 2013.

Graveyard Train are a six piece collective from Melbourne Australia. The initial idea was for six men to sing in baritone about Werewolves, Vampires, Ghosts and the like over frenetic foot stomping country music. A wacky idea that worked and instantly collected fans across the globe.

In a song writing sense Graveyard Train are storytellers who revel in the dark or macabre. Now, like any virus, Graveyard Train’s music evolved into something much richer, forceful and potent. Banjos, dobros as well as their untraditional hammer and chain have carried the intensity of their notorious live shows through the US, Canada, UK, Europe and of course all over Australia.

The legions of the infected fans are growing. They’re instantly at home on any stage and consistently win over incredibly diverse audiences – from the neck tattooed rockabilly in Sydney to the farmer in Tamworth to the derelict punk in Belgium or the hippie in Toronto, everyone ends up singing along.

Graveyard Train are not a country band; they are not a folk band; they are not punk band; they are not a vocal harmony band they are not a psychedelic band. They are all of those things and more; genuinely a band like no other that you have seen.

‘It’s a creepy foreboding world that Graveyard Train have created, but one that still promotes the virtue of a stiff drink, a sturdy heart and a dancing soul.’ JAYMZ CLEMENTS, BEAT MAGAZINE 21/07/10

‘Watching them conjures the same kind of kick you might get from hearing ghost stories, but with added visceral grunt… masses have rightfully gone bananas for them.’ STEPH HUGHS, TRIPLE J 28/07/10

‘I don’t think that I’ve ever gone to a gig hoping that at some point during the evening an angry bearded man would yell ‘you’re all gonna die’ at the crowd, but when I was on my way to see Graveyard Train for a sold out gig at the Spiegeltent on Tuesday night, that was exactly what I was hoping for. And I was not disappointed.’ HADASS ORMANDY – NEALE 20/03/11

Friday 08 March
Doors open at 8pm (Music starts 8.40pm)
Price: Reserved Seats - $32+bf, General Admission - $25+bf
$28 at the door